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Unleash your inner confidence

Coaching with Linda Assaf

Meet Linda

Career Coaching | Business Coaching | Corporate Training

I am passionate about helping you unleash your inner confidence. 

I’ll meet you where you’re at, work with you to clarify what you want, and get you there faster. 

I want to help you create a career that’s meaningful, aligned with your values, and that makes you happy! 

I cut through the crap and get straight to the heart of what really matters. 


I can help you

Create a meaningful career that's aligned to your values, strengths, and purpose

Clear limiting beliefs that have been holding you back 

Boost your inner confidence & trust yourself more deeply 

Define your personal brand and what you want to be known for

Make the shift to where you really want to be 


I want to help you reconnect with yourself and live in alignment with your truth, values and purpose.

"I am so pleased to have come across Linda Assaf, as I was about to make a significant career and life-changing decision. After 40+ years in a very successful professional career, you would think that I could define my new path easily. At least I realized that to make a radical change to improve my life in terms of having a better all-round balance and to be more self-fulfilled, I needed a more forensic analysis of what I truly wanted and then, how to go about it in a realistic manner. Linda helped me flush out my "why". She also helped me articulate my personal brand - what I stood for. This was crucial to see me go thru my transformation. I cannot thank Linda enough for her positive guidance, encouragement, great tips, challenging yet sensitive manner. Linda will continue to be my career coach as I see it important to have an independent, genuinely caring, and resourceful counsel behind me."

Raja Ratnam

Senior Exec. Renewables Infrastructure Development & Delivery, Project Services International.  

"I took Coaching sessions with Linda from October 2020 to March 2021. It has easily been one of the best decisions I made for my professional and personal life. Linda is a unique coach and an incredible person. I have not met someone who is able to convey the professionalism and expertise granted by their years of experience alongside such a deep human empathy. It makes any advice you receive from her immediately relevant to multiple aspects of your life. The perspective and insight she consistently provided throughout the sessions, especially in relation to major career decisions, was phenomenal. Any insight she provided was always aligned and relevant to my own objectives which we workshopped at the beginning of the sessions. Alongside other goals, I came into the coaching sessions with a desire to develop a clear 5-year plan with concrete career goals that I would be able to track and work towards consistently. This was something important to me as my previous planning was vague. By the end of it, not only was this achieved, but the coaching was so immediately practical that I was able to apply it to key career decisions which led to a career milestone. This career milestone was also accompanied by a personal one and it is not a coincidence that both occurred during the months I was doing the coaching. I cannot recommend Linda enough as a coach. The sessions will exceed your expectations and provide you with coaching that is holistic and aligned to who you are as a complete person. That is what sets her apart." 

Sourosh Cina

Former G.M of Australian Aid Organisation Mahboba's Promise 

"Linda has helped me immensely in building my confidence and preparing me to recognize and achieve my purpose! We’ve had six sessions together, and I’ve already seen an enormous transformation in my mindset towards valuing my abilities and learning how to articulate them to current and future employers confidently. Linda helped me map out my purpose, vision and values, which are the fundamental drivers of a fulfilling life and career. Each session, Linda leaves me feeling empowered and motivated to do the tough inner-work and go after my dream career!

I would recommend Linda to anyone looking for a guiding light when navigating their career paths– Linda can help you with anything from finding your purpose and realising your vision to her incredible insights on knowing what hiring managers are looking for! After going through this coaching, I truly believe everyone at the start of their careers would benefit immensely from any sessions with Linda to understand their career and life goals. Linda will help you create a sustainable action plan and empower you with the necessary knowledge and skills to reach these goals. Linda is an incredibly compassionate and inspiring coach, and I look forward to continuing our work together and sharing with her my future career success!"

Amy Dennis

High Growth Ventures, KPMG

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