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Meet Linda

About Me

Whats my story?

Growing up in a strict Lebanese family, I didn’t believe I could think for myself; I was conditioned to listen only to my Parents’ beliefs. The consequences of that meant that I was too scared to listen to myself. Only when I started to tune out my well-meaning Parents and tune into my own inner guidance was I able to really start living authentically. 

I’ve met many people who also feel stuck because they’re trying to live up to their parents’ ideals or are clouded by others’ opinions. The only way out, is to go within, listen to your gut, get the right support and live a life that is authentic to you. 

I did a lot of work to understand myself better, which included; unpacking, deconstructing and reconstructing my belief system. I read hundreds of articles, books, attended lectures on self-development and learnt how to create a positive mindset. I have developed an internal core that’s so strong, even when I experience setbacks, I know I’ll be OK. 

The internal work never stops, we all grapple with our own limiting beliefs however once you address what’s holding you back, work on building your confidence and shift your mindset, amazing things will happen. 

Once I understood this, it gave me the courage to try new things, move countries and travel the world on my own. I was able to change careers multiple times and do things that I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do. It’s not to say that everything worked perfectly, they didn’t, but as I practiced listening to myself, I was able to take the next step. 

I want to help you unlock what’s holding you back so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence. I am driven by helping others; I believe that both my personal and professional experiences have brought me here and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you. 

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